Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Transylvania International Horse Show & ArtVenture PART 1

Last weekend I was in Sighisoara a very beautiful Transylvanian city and there it all happened , a little bit of art expo and the horse show, but first I want to share some art and some of my favourites and of course my works.



Alexandra Coscovelnita(with her beautiful contemporary jewellery)

Andreea Pinter

Adeline Catinas

of course my works

and then it was the city, I will let the pictures talk.


  1. How exciting!
    I love looking at young artist's work and the city is very cosy!

    btw, I've linked to your blog on my blog (Nikiasimakidis.blogspot.com) :)

  2. E baiatul tau dar are ochi de artist cu adevarat.Cu putin noroc va ajunge departe.Are mult prea mult de oferit. Teodora